Hi everyone who reads this and who’s reached this page somehow:) Welcome to my photo world, and feel good being invited into it:)

My name is Magdalena, I am from Poland, and the blog is the place for organizing my photographic world I stepped into. I’m in love with God, light, reflections, people, languages, music and sports. I discovered how enormous joy is photography for me and how great way to praise God is the beauty you can catch. But I still need to discover which direction is mine, and this place is a means to do this:)
But it is also a place for you – if you sometimes need to see something special from around the world, or perfectly normal to the deepest, more distant, or the closest you may imagine, if you want to reflect a little, or just rest a little from what you see everyday.

I will be writing some organizing thoughts for my pictures, or sometimes nothing. I believe often the image itself should be enough 🙂

I hope you will drop here by in search of something inspiring from time to time – and hope you will find it:) If not at the first time you are here – maybe in the future.

Keep your fingers crossed for me to keep this development and inspiration area alive!:*


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