A celebration march of the Noble Parcel and Academy for the Future, help-giving projects, Kraków

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The banners were saying: „We want our lives to have sense!”, „One for all”, „If we don’t do this, who will?”, „I teach how to win”.

What was going on there, on the march?

Let me explain. The Noble Parcel and Academy for the Future are two projects of Wiosna Association, established by rev. Jacek Stryczek – a priest who believes that people should cope in their lives, be enterprising and resourceful, as well as that if as many people have more than enough as there are those who really need help – the first ones can help the others and all will be living better lives!

In the Academy help is given to children who have school problems. Everyone of them gets the personal tutor, whom the child meets once a week, and who teaches his pupil to believe in him- or herself, notices successes, even the least ones, and supports in striving to achieve goals and find and fulfill dreams! Everything to make children cope at school and later in their lives!

The Parcel joins families who need help with people who give them help! The families are really poor, often because of some live adversities they haven’t had any impact on – like illnesses, natural disasters, problems with finding a job. Donors choose a family, read what they really need in the description written by a volunteer, and prepare these things and send in a parcel before Christmas. The families are met at the beginning of the project, and the parcels are given at the end to them by volunteers, the meeting with whom is often an amazing moment. Some people feel for the first time that someone cares about them.

Both of the projects’ purpose is to help, of course, but I think that to a great extent to make people act. To teach them, or at least give an impulse, to fight for themselves, strive for their dreams, try again and again, and win their lives!

What I personally find the most beautiful is the fact, that these projects help not only the people who literally get this help, but all the engaged! Volunteers, workers of Wiosna, donors, families and relatives. And I state that as a 3-year volunteer of Wiosna association. We all learn these values Wiosna is teaching ourselves, all the time anew.
Isn’t it beautiful?

How much good we have in ourselves, people!
We can share it, without any loss, with our brothers and sisters – do we?


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