About one and a half months ago I decided to take part in a photographic challenge set by Natalia on her blog I read this blog regularly, and I love how she inspires her readers to push themselves beyond their comfort zone – both in photography and personally.
It wasn’t the first photo challenge I participated in, but usually I wouldn’t complete all the tasks. However, this time I was consequently bearing all the 15 themes in my mind, and somehow I managed to take the pictures!
The only thing that worries me, is that I don’t feel my photos are made in one style, as it was required in the challenge. But who knows, maybe they do have something in common?

  1. My place /Moje miejsce
    My home is my castle
  2. Tenderness / Czułości
  3. I’ll eat you / Zjem cię
    Zjem cię.JPG.
  4. Tiny detail / Drobny szczegół
    Szczegół2.JPGWho reads the inscriptions on the gravestones in the arcades of a cloister?
  5. Something special / Wyjątkowe
    SPecial.JPGSpecial. Or normal. Just the full moon, as every month. But this time – the biggest full moon in the 21st century so far.
  6. That’s how the autumn smells / Tak pachnie jesień
    TakPachnie.JPGCan you smell these dryish leaves and slightly freezing freshness in the air?
  7. Vintage
    Vintage szafa.JPG.
  8. Only in the morning / Tylko rano
    Tylko ranoPOZ.JPG
  9. Favourite / Ulubione
    .on my way to somewhere else.
  10. Me and you / Ja i ty
    Ja i ty2.JPG.
  11. Autumn’s attributes / Atrybuty jesieni
  12. I wear / Noszę
  13. Substantial / Najważniejsze
  14. In hands / W dłoniach
  15. Gadget / Gadżet
    A flange:D

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