Peaceful day

I haven't felt as much peacefulness inside as today for a long time. I came back home for the All Saints' Day break. As every year, we visited our family, and our ancestors, who passed away. The cottage atmosphere, the warmness of my aunt's home, seeing my only grandpa, and enjoying rays of the sun... Czytaj dalej →


Mystery of Easter day


.:Colours of home:.

Nowhere is as beautiful as at home. Even in places where the colors are more saturated, lights are lighter, and contrasts higher. If you think otherwise, okay;) But I believe most home-beautiful moments just need sometimes to be uncovered to be noticed. Or the sun needs to enlighten something;) Will be home again in 54 days. 🙂

A celebration march of the Noble Parcel and Academy for the Future, help-giving projects, Kraków

The banners were saying: "We want our lives to have sense!", "One for all", "If we don't do this, who will?", "I teach how to win". What was going on there, on the march? Let me explain. The Noble Parcel and Academy for the Future are two projects of Wiosna Association, established by rev. Jacek Stryczek –... Czytaj dalej →


CHALLENGE! About one and a half months ago I decided to take part in a photographic challenge set by Natalia on her blog I read this blog regularly, and I love how she inspires her readers to push themselves beyond their comfort zone - both in photography and personally. It wasn’t the first photo... Czytaj dalej →

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